Btw, we’ve been getting many comments on how awesome the highlights video you guys did is! To quote some: “Best wedding video I’ve ever seen”, “Wish I had gotten to know them before my wedding”…

Zhijia & Leeming
We had initially been hesitant about getting a videography team to cover our wedding and as you know, it was only towards the very end when we decided to follow our gut and engage you guys That night while we were sitting among our guests amazed by how stunning the video turned out, we were even more taken aback by how so many of our guests were left teary eyed by the footage.
I think beyond capturing a wedding, you guys have gone above and beyond your roles as a wedding videographer, to capture the years of deep relationships and bonds between both Zhijia and I, as well as between us and our family and friends.
Deciding on Twenty8Picks was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding celebration. Thank you for being part of one of the most memorable occasions of our lives!


Victor & Delia